Crack Sealing 2017

News & project updates

October 31, 2017

Huizenga Enterprises, LLC started sealing roadway cracks on Sept. 6.

See the project's traffic alerts to learn which roads you may want to avoid during the daytime.


This project involves crack sealing approximately 39 lane miles of roadway throughout Bothell. Some work will carry over into 2018.

Why crack sealing?

When temperatures fluctuate, pavement expands and contracts creating cracks. When water seeps into the cracks, it degrades the asphalt and pavement, compromising structural integrity.

Crack sealing is preventive maintenance that significantly lengthens the life of our roads. It costs a fraction of the price of conventional pavement rehabilitation or reconstruction.

Crack sealing locations for 2017/2018

Roadway Project limits Approx. length

Bothell/Everett Highway

228th St SE to I-405 0.8 lane miles

Bothell/Everett Highway

240th St SE to 228th St SW 4.0 lane miles

Juanita/Woodinville Way NE

NE 145th St to I-405 3.2 lane miles

228th St SE

Western city limits to 9th Ave SE 5.0 lane miles

NE 160th St

I-405 to the eastern city limits 2.5 lane miles

Bothell Way NE

240th St SE to Reder Way 5.2 lane miles

Waynita Way NE

SR 522 to NE 145th St 3.9 lane miles

240th St SW & SE

Western city limits to 7th Ave SE 2.0 lane miles

100th Ave NE

NE 190th St to 228th St SE (excluding the overlay limits from NE 202nd St to 242nd St SE) 2.5 lane miles

Fitzgerald Rd/27th Ave SE

228th St SE to 240th St SE 1.6 lane miles

East Riverside Drive

102nd Ave NE to I-405 2.2 lane miles

Brickyard Rd

NE 160th St to Woodinville Drive 2.9 lane miles

88th Ave NE

NE 180th St to 240th St SE 3.0 lane miles

NE 180th St

Western city limits to SR 522 1.6 lane miles

104th Ave NE

Main St to 19th Ave SE (100th Ave NE) 4.2 lane miles