Coming Soon: Wayne/Sammamish Regional Park

The City of Bothell is on track to acquire the Wayne Golf Course Property from Forterra at the end of 2017.  This acquisition has been made possible by a partnership between the City, Forterra and OneBothell to purchase the land and create the Wayne/Sammamish Regional Park.

Until further notice, we ask residents and visitors to remember that it is private property and to wait for an announcement by the City and/or signage before entering.  We appreciate your patience and cooperation!

Wayne Property_Sammamish River view W_Raines20150922


  • Approx. 81 acres preserved open space for passive recreation and river restoration
  • 8 acres specialized "activity zones" (details coming soon!)

How can I get involved?

A visioning process for Wayne/Sammamish Regional Park was completed in 2016, which will assist us in developing a Master Plan process.  A Master Plan is the approved policy document for a specific parkland in context with its location, natural resources, vision of the community and available funding.  This guides construction decisions such as phased projects and potential grant applications.

The Master Plan process will begin in early 2018 and we look forward to your participation on the development of what attractions and amenities for passive recreation should be in the new regional park.  It is anticipated that the Master Plan Process will take 18-24 months to complete.

Stay tuned for details on how to stay connected and get involved!