Emergency Alerts

Bothell ALERT

Bothell ALERT is a regional public information and notification service for residents of Bothell in both King and Snohomish counties. Bothell ALERT helps you stay informed about potential hazards and threats that impact your area. Bothell ALERT is managed by King County Emergency Management and works similar to a reverse emergency notification system.

If you have a land line, that number is already registered. You must, however, register your cell phone. This is especially important if it is your primary contact number.

Sign-up is free and easy. Simply register your physical address(es), email address(es), and phone number(s) to receive important safety information during an emergency. You can register more than one address and phone number. 

Sign up for Bothell ALERT

Snohomish County also offers other alert notifications, including Smart 911. 


Emergency Alert

Emergency Alert is a local notification system for smaller, localized emergencies. These alerts are issued from the City of Bothell. Sign-up is free and easy. Simply select whether you'd like to receive emails or text messages on your mobile phone.

Sign up for Emergency Alert notifications. Follow the directions at the top of the "Notify Me" page and then go to "Alert Center" to sign up for Emergency Alerts.