Safe & Secure Bothell Levy and Bond

Thank you, Bothell! 

Voters approved both Propositions 1 and 2 in November 2018. We appreciate your support!  

Bothell Fire Patch
Bothell Police Patch

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Progress Updates

On November 12, City Council authorized a progressive design build agreement with BN Builders/Miller Hull partnership to complete the Fire Station Replacements project. 

The City has made the following 20 levy hires:

  • 4 Firefighters
  • 11 Police Officers
  • 2 Police Civilians
  • 1 Application Analyst
  • 1 Probation Lead
  • 1 Building Maintenance Specialist

The Levy Project Plan and Quarter 1 2019 Program Update was presented to City Council on July 2. Watch the presentation on the City's YouTube channel. 

20 hires down, 7 to go!
  1. Levy Lid Lift
  2. Capital Bond

Enhanced Public Safety Service

Funds staffing, operating and program needs, including 13 additional police officers, 5 police civilians, 6 firefighters, 1 probation officer and 2 support staff (1 technical and 1 maintenance)

Key Features

  • New Patrol Swing Shift during times of highest call volume, allowing for more officers on the street when accidents and crime are highest;
  • New Community Crime Reduction Team to focus on early and coordinated response to problematic and recurring trends such as burglaries, traffic issues, property theft and neighborhood nuisances;
  • Additional police officers to address traffic enforcement, school safety and community engagement;
  • A mental health professional to effectively connect people to resources; and
  • Six new firefighters and a new aid car to ensure full-time emergency medical services at Station 45 (Canyon Park) to respond to growing calls for services in North Bothell.


Approximately $220/year on $500,000 home (44 cents/$1,000 AV; expires in 12 years)

Medic and patient in aid car
Officer Buendia
Police with kids at school library