Sammy the Steelhead's race to the finish line!

Sponsor a fish. Save a species.

What's the problem?

Predators, disease, pollution, oh my! It’s tough in Puget Sound for steelhead.
Something fishy is going on. Young steelhead are having a hard time surviving the trek from their freshwater homes to the open ocean. But Long Live the Kings is honing in on the problem and providing new hope for these unseen heroes. Using special high-tech tracking devices, they can discover where a steelhead's voyage is cut short and what might be leading to their untimely demise.

How we helped

In 2018, Team BothellCool sponsored Sammy the Steelhead through Survive the Sound. From May 7 - 18, we got to watch Sammy in his 12-day migratory race to survive Puget Sound, and we discovered what obstacles he and his friends faced along the way. 

Sponsorship proceeds helped Long Live the Kings in their efforts to restore wild salmon and steelhead. Come along on the journey with us again in 2019!

Sammy the Steelhead

Learn more about Sammy and all his friends on Survive the Sound's website.