Surface Water Events in 2019

We've wrapped up our workshops and volunteer events for 2019, but we'll update this page with 2020's events as we schedule them. Thank you to everyone who joined us this year for these community events!

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What we did in 2018

  • First Day of Spring Celebration at Wayne Golf Course 
  • Earth Day Employee Event 
  • Citywide Open House 
  • Horse Creek Mitigation Planting 
  • Music in the Park 
  • Panasonic Perks at Work 
  • Streamside Restoration Workshop 
  • Sustainamania 
  • Sandbag Filling with Boy Scouts
  • Safety Rodeo 
  • Healthy Lawns and Gardens from the Ground Up Workshop 
  • Smart Plant Choices for Northwest Gardens Workshop 
  • Volunteer Rain Garden Planting Party 
  • Hands-on Natural Yard Care Basics Demonstration 
  • Salmon SEEson North Creek Tour
  • Volunteer Plant Mulching at Parr Creek

Surface Water's activity for kids at Bothell's Just Kidding Around 2019 summer concert series

Just Kidding Around Outreach Table

Save the dates for 2020

Jan. 20: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service (volunteer event)
Apr. 25: Earth Day (volunteer event)
Aug. 8: Sustainamania

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