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    Want to get involved in your government? Volunteer, serve on a committee or board, find a job and more.

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    The Bothell Library is part of the King County Library System.

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    View information on our GIS and map areas.

  7. Northshore Senior Center

    Northshore Senior Center is committed to serving adults, with emphasis on the healthy, active senior who wants to use a lifetime of skills and experience to make a difference in our community.

  8. Our Community

    Quick facts about Bothell, map to City buildings, and more information about our community.

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  10. Pet Licenses

    Licensing is required for all dogs and cats age 8 weeks and older in Bothell.

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    There is something to do for everyone in Bothell. Explore Bothell, and enjoy the city's eclectic charm.

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    The City of Bothell Human Resources department seeks volunteers who are dedicated to making Bothell a better place to live.