2020 Slurry Seal

A Slurry Seal is an economical approach to preserving pavement conditions on heavily traveled local roads that the City of Bothell began utilizing in 2018. This method is expected to provide five to ten years of improved pavement condition.


This project will be completed in summer 2020.

What to Expect

Prior to Slurry Seal, City roads will be prepped with crack sealing and patching. Milling out bad spots in the road may be a little noisy and you may smell hot asphalt. Work may block your driveway for a few hours. We will notify you in advance if you need to move your car.


Maywood Hills and Norway Hill

Slurry Seal Maywood Hills
Slurry Seal Norway Hill


This project is funded by the Safe Streets & Sidewalks levy as part of the annual Pavement Preservation Program.