Independence Day Porch Parade

Porch Parade image with yard, chairs, and pinwheels

*The 2020 Porch Parade is now complete! Thank you to everyone who participated.*

What is the Porch Parade? 

The City of Bothell Fourth of July Parade has always been a celebration of people, events, and traditions, bridging communities in Bothell and beyond. Unfortunately, due to social distancing requirements and budget impacts from COVID-19, the City of Bothell will not be holding its traditional July 4th parade. Instead, we are inviting members of the community to join us for our first-ever Porch Parade! Choose one of our themes as inspiration, or go wild with your own ideas and decorate your porches, patios and storefronts – whatever is visible from the road! The Porch Parade is an opportunity to unleash your creativity, create new memories, and bring a smile to your friends, family, and neighbors.

The City of Bothell will produce a virtual map with the locations of all our registered porches, patios, windows, and storefronts, so you can plan a walk or drive around your neighborhood to see and share in the celebration.  

Think we forgot about those camping chairs? Think again! This year, the community is encouraged to place chairs on their lawns, porches, or patios with a sign thanking their “Hometown Hero”. A “Hometown Hero” is anyone who has helped make a difference during the pandemic, such as nurses, mail carriers, police officers, firefighters, grocery clerks, or teachers. Keep the signs general, or call out those who deserve a round of applause! Need a template for your sign? Download one here or here!

Step 1: Register your display! 

  • Registration is FREE. 
  • Your address will be added to our public-facing Independence Day Porch Parade Map. The map will be shared on this page, and on social media. 

Step 2: Decorate Your Porch  

  • Choose one of our themes as inspiration, or go wild with your own ideas. The point of decorating is to unleash your creativity and inspire hope for your friends and neighbors. Themes can be found below, under "Get Decorating". 
  • Porches must be fully decorated by 12pm (noon) on Saturday, June 27, and able to stay up until midnight Saturday, July 4. 
    • Can’t get your decorations up by June 27? No problem! We’ll keep registration up until July 3 - just register when your display is ready. 
  • Porches must be appropriate for a family friendly audience.  
  • Don’t have a porch? No problem! Feel free to decorate your lawn, the sidewalk, a window, your storefront, or something else visible from the street or sidewalk.  
  • (Optional) Place your camping chairs on your lawn, porch, or patio with a sign thanking your “Hometown Hero”. 

Step 3: Explore, Celebrate, Share 

  • Find displays on our Porch Parade Map! 
  • Go for a walk, roll, or drive around your neighborhood, take pictures of the Porches you find, and tag us on social to help share the joy! @bothellparksandrecreation #BothellPorchParade 
  • Want us to feature your house? Share photos of your display on social media or at our JotForm link to be shared before, during, and after the porch parade!  
  • The more people who take part, the more celebration there is to share, so get your friends and neighbors involved!  

Rules & Regulations: 

  • Displays must be fully decorated by 12 noon on Saturday, June 27, and able to stay up until Saturday, July 4, and must be appropriate for a family audience. If you’re unable to decorate your porch by the 27th, simply register once it’s ready! 
  • Displays must be appropriate for a family audience. Displays should not focus on religious, political, ideological, or controversial themes or issues. 
  • Displays are not intended for commercial marketing. Businesses are welcomed and encouraged to participate with a focus on the mission of bringing community together while staying home. 
  • The City of Bothell reserves the right to exclude any displays that do not meet our guidelines.  
  • Registrations are limited to one per household/business. 
  • Registration for the Porch Parade and/or tagging @bothellparksandrecreation and #BothellPorchParade, and with related photos or videos on social media, grants the City of Bothell permission to use your images and footage on any platform. 

Get Involved 

Register Your Porch 

Register Here to make your porch or display official and get it on the Porch Parade Map. 

Get Decorating 

The sky’s the limit! Think of how you decorate for other holidays, or what brings you joy when you see it walking around your neighborhood. There’s no right or wrong way to decorate for the Porch Parade, as long as you’re being inclusive and joyful.  

If you need a little help getting inspired, try one of our themes:  

Stars and Stripes

Break out your best bunting, flags, and pinwheels and celebrate the Fourth of July with the tried-and-true red, white, and blue.  

Vacationing in Place 

Vacations may be delayed, but that doesn’t meet you can’t enjoy your favorite getaway! Bring a little slice of relaxation to your neighborhood and recreate your favorite beach, ski village, camping adventure...the sky’s the limit! 

Shine Bright Bothell 

Porches don’t just exist in the daytime, so illuminate the night with your community spirit. Put those holiday lights back up, dig out some glowsticks, and show your neighbors how you’ll light up their lives.   

See the Displays 

Get some exercise and some inspiration – walk, roll, or drive around your neighborhood and see who else is taking part in the Porch Parade. Porches will be fully decorated from June 27 through July 4. 

As you explore, remember to take pictures and tag @bothellparksandrecreation and use #BothellPorchParade on social media so that people who aren’t in your neighborhood can see the amazing displays too!