What to do if your business has a spill

Always be prepared for a spill by having an up-to-date Spill Response Plan. Staff who may encounter a spill should be familiar with the plan and you should post it in an easily accessible place.

Follow these steps if your business has a spill

  1. Evaluate the situation, including safety considerations. Call 911 if there are any injuries or immediate danger.
  2. Open your spill kit and wear your personal protective equipment.
  3. Stop the source of the spill and deploy spill kit materials to protect the storm drains.
  4. Clean up the spill by using spill kit materials. If the spill is significant, you may need to contact a vendor for assistance.
  5. Dispose of clean up materials properly and restock your spill kit.
  6. If the spill reaches a storm drain or is too large to control, contact the 24-hour City of Bothell Spill Hotline at 425-806-6750 and the Washington State Department of Ecology at 425-594-0000 right away.

Be prepared with information

When reporting the spill to City of Bothell and Ecology, try to have the following information available.

  • Where is the spill?
  • What was spilled?
  • How much was spilled?
  • When did the spill occur?
  • Be able to provide an initial assessment of the impacts and contact information.

Know how to use your spill kit

Watch a short video on YouTube to learn how to use the supplies in your spill kit. These videos are provided by Seattle Public Utilities and are available with subtitles in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Vietnamese languages.