Metro Bus Service Changes

Northgate transit center lightrail construction

Changes in Transit Coming October 2nd

King County Metro and Sound Transit Service changes will be coming October 2, with the addition of three new light rail stations and several new bus routes that were previously suspended. These changes will impact transportation for riders across King County. Find the full list of service changes here. 

Transit Impacts in Bothell 

King County Metro Routes that operate in City of Bothell include Routes 230, 231, 239, 257, 311 and 372. Sound Transit Routes that operate in Bothell are 522, 532 and 535. Routes 312, 372 and Route ST 522 will be deleted or modified as described below. Find the full list of service changes here.

  1. Route 312
  2. Route 372
  3. Route ST 522

Route 312 will be permanently deleted. Alternative service will be provided by routes 320, 322, ST 522, 
and the 1 Line (Link).

Between SR-522 and downtown Seattle, use revised ST Route 522 or new Route 322, and connect to the 1 Line (Link) at Roosevelt Station. During the peak period Route 322 will provide a direct connection to southern part of downtown Seattle via I-5 express lanes, in addition to First Hill. Or, use new Route 320 and connect to the 1 Line (Link) at Northgate Station. Route 320 will serve South Lake Union and the Denny Triangle area of downtown Seattle via the I-5 express lanes and Mercer St ramps.

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