Commute Trip Reduction Program

The City of Bothell's Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) Program provides benefits to employees for commuting.


The city subsidizes up to $30 per month to each city employee who commutes to and from work via transit, carpool, vanpool, or uses a way to get to work other than their own car (bicycle and walk apply). Employees must use an alternate mode at least 60% of days worked each month to be eligible for this subsidy. If a city employee commutes 60-89% of the time each month, they are eligible for $20 per month. If they commute 90% or more each month, they are eligible for $30 per month.


Commuters who submit a monthly commuting calendar and meet the minimum 60% requirement receive one of the following items as a benefit of commuting:

Steps to Sign Up

  • Complete the Commute Trip Reduction Registration Form
  • Provide last four of you SSN via email or phone message to the Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC) for requesting your MasterCard
  • Confirm any questions the Employee Transportation Coordinator has about your form
  • The ETC will setup your Rideshare Online account