Main Street and Festival Street Improvements

About the Project

This project will construct vehicle barriers on Main Street between 101st Ave NE and 102nd Ave NE and Festival Street (101st Ave NE) between NE 183rd St and NE 185th St to allow for the closure of these streets to vehicles during festivals and other outdoor events. The improvements will allow the City to close one, two, or three blocks to vehicle traffic to protect non-motorized users during events.

This project includes:   

  • What type of closure devices to use 
  • Where to place closure devices within project limits 
  • Design and construction of the closure system 

This project does not include: 

  • Closure length decisions 
  • Closure frequency decisions 
  • Temporary or permanent closure decisions  
  1. Nancy Bateman

    Capital Project Engineer

  1. Map
  2. Schedule
  3. Funding

Main Street and Festival Street Improvements Vicinity Map

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