Crew preparedness for rain and flooding

Public Works crews are responsible for maintaining and operating Bothell's stormwater drainage system to help prevent flooding and reduce and eliminate pollution going into local streams.

Things to remember

  • We need your help! Keep storm drains near your house clear before and during rainy weather. You can also Adopt-a-Drain.
  • Let us know if the drain in front of your house is plugged or you need your street swept.
  • Report spills when you see them.
  • Don't blow your leaves into the street. Please collect them and put them in your compost container for disposal.

How we prepare

Throughout the year, crews perform repairs, pipe inspections and cleanings, catch basin inspections and cleanings, pond and stream maintenance, and street sweeping to maintain and operate our stormwater drainage system. Check out the Street Sweep Zone Map.

The City's public system consists of:

  • 138 miles of pipes
  • 8,232 catch basins
  • 1,356 ditches/swales
  • 396 detention/ retention facilities that include ponds, underground vaults, pervious pavement, and other water quality features


When the leaves start to fall, crews operate street sweepers seven days a week to help remove leaves from 311 lane miles of streets. We also monitor the weather forecast to be ready for potential flooding from heavy rain.

Street Sweeper