Confidentiality Agreement

All employees meeting any of the criteria below are required to complete a statement of confidentiality.
  • Handling credit card transactions
  • Using any computer on which runs a payment processing application
  • Having an 'administrator' login to any city application
  • Having Recreation Registration System or Financial System administrative login
  • Having physical access to server rooms or data closets
  • Working in the I.S. division
  • Having access to the City's merchant or bank account information
  • Having access to any procard (city credit card) information other than that related to their own individual account - primarily staff who process or authorize procard statements.
  • Participating in any part of the credit card handling process (from processing transactions to deposits)
  • Handle any HIPAA or medical data
  • Handles payroll data
  • Handling any employee personal data
  • Handling criminal justice data
  • Handling court records
  • Others may apply
Confidentiality agreements are required to be signed before any of the above items are to be performed or accessed.

Need additional help? Please contact your department liaison, information services, or human resources for a list of your required security training.