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  1. Car with Tape

    Police Seek Assistance Identifying Burglary/Sexual Assault Suspect

    Police are asking for information to assist with identifying the suspect in a recent Residential Burglary / Sexual Assault incident. Read on...
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    Suspect in Attempted Purse Snatching Confesses

    Suspect in attempted purse snatching from December confesses to detectives. The suspect said he tried to steal the woman's purse to fund his heroin addiction. Read on...
  3. Photo of dog

    Animal Control Officer Saves Injured Dog

    Bothell Police Animal Control Officer partners with Bothell Fire, Bothell Public Works, and Snohomish County Animal Control to save an injured dog from a storm culvert, after it was struck by a car. Read on...
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Mission Statement:
To protect life and property through professional service and a
proactive partnership with our community.

Message from Chief Cummings about use of force

On Friday July 28th, while giving a speech at Suffolk County Community College, the President made comments that appeared to encourage peace officers to engage in rough    treatment of persons being taken into police custody.  Whether these comments were made seriously or in jest, they stand in opposition of the mission of the officers of the Bothell Police Department.  

Providing professional, compassionate and effective service to our community in a fair and impartial manner is something we take great pride in. Officers of the Bothell Police Department swear an oath to uphold the constitution and laws of the United States and the State of Washington and to protect and serve all persons, regardless of status.  

The Bothell Police Department maintains policies, procedures, and extensive review methodology for all uses of force.  Our   officers are trained to treat all persons with dignity and respect as this an essential component to retain the legitimacy and trust of the community we serve.   As the Chief of Police, I expect the best from my officers and will accept nothing less than professional service to all members of our community.  I am proud that my officers regularly exceed my expectations as they provide critical law enforcement services for our City.

Carol Cummings
Chief of Police
Bothell Police Department