Planning Commission

What does the Planning Commission do?

The Planning Commission recommends amendments and modifications to the City's Comprehensive Plan and zoning code. For more information, please visit Bothell Municipal Code 2.52.

Regular Meetings

The Planning Commission meets up to three Wednesdays per month, typically the first three Wednesdays.

  • Time:  6 p.m.
  • Location:  City Hall Council Chambers, 18415 101st Ave NE


  • Kevin Kiernan, Position 1
    Expires 2022
  • Aaron Moreau-Cook, Secretary,  Position 2, Expires 2022
  • David Wickwire, Position 3
    Expires 2021
  • Roger Cecil, Position 4
    Expires 2019
  • David Vliet, Chair, Position 5
    Expires 2019
  • Jason Hampton, Position 6
    Expires 2020
  • Patrick Cabe, Chair Pro-tem,       Position 7, Expires 2020

Planning Commission Video Archive

Planning Commission meetings are available on Bothell's Planning Commission You Tube channel.