Animal Services

Kristi Boucher with dog

The City of Bothell provides a variety of animal services to residents. These include:

  • Pet licensing;
  • Impounding aggressive, dangerous, or stray dogs and cats;
  • Controlling vicious dogs;
  • Investigating animal cruelty and neglect;
  • Responding to barking dog complaints;
  • Some removal of deceased animals.

Learn more about our animal control program on the Bothell Buzz

If you live in the City of Bothell and have an animal related issue requiring an emergency response, please call 911. For other animal-related issues, please call the City of Bothell Police Department non-emergency line at 425-486-1254.

Reporting Lost or Found Pets
If you have lost/found a cat or dog, please contact Everett Animal Shelter at 425-257-6000. Local Social Media Groups have also been very effective in reuniting lost pets with their owners. You can also leave a message for the Bothell Animal Control Officer in addition to the above mentioned at 425-487-5145 with a full description and location of the lost/found pet.