Animal Services

Kristi Boucher with dog
The City of Bothell provides a variety of animal services to residents. These include:
  • Pet licensing;
  • Impounding aggressive, dangerous, or stray dogs and cats;
  • Controlling vicious dogs;
  • Investigating animal cruelty and neglect;
  • Responding to barking dog complaints;
  • Some removal of deceased animals.
If you live in the City of Bothell and have an animal related issue requiring an emergency response, please call 911. For other animal-related issues, please call the City of Bothell Police Department non-emergency line at 425-486-1254.

Reporting Lost or Found Pets

If you have lost/found a cat or dog, please contact Everett Animal Shelter at 425-257-6000. Local Social Media Groups have also been very effective in reuniting lost pets with their owners. You can also leave a message for the Bothell Animal Control Officer in addition to the above mentioned at 425-487-5145 with a full description and location of the lost/found pet.