PROS Plan 2019

Every six years, the Parks and Recreation Department updates the Parks, Recreation and Open Space (PROS) Plan.  The adopted PROS Plan is based on best practices:

  • needed amenities/acres for residents
  • community input on features and programming
  • priority setting based on available funding and potential grant opportunities

The process begins with an assessment of current offerings, stakeholder and community engagement for amenities and priorities, along with recommendations from the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board and City Council adoption.  

This has been known by other names throughout the years including the Long Range Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Action Program (PROSAP). We are moving to the common name for the plan in the region. 

The Plan is used to guide the Parks & Recreation Department on future capital projects, funding priorities for grants, recreation offerings, community special events and more!

PROS Plan process

Where are we now?

To determine where we are now, we will be reviewing progress on adopted Park Master Plans, projects listed in the Capital Facilities Plan and Operating Budgets, completing an inventory of all park amenities and reviewing recreation class offerings and registrations.

Where do we want to be?

This is your time to share with us what you love about the current parks and recreation programming!  We also want to know what you would like Parks & Recreation to look like 6 years from now.  This could be more trails, a dog park, skateboard area, more fields, better partnerships for more class opportunities, Citywide festivals and community events such as fun runs, improved waterfront access, or even updated restrooms and additional parking lots. 

How do we get there?

We need you to participate!  If you live in Bothell, we want to hear from you via email, by attending a meeting or a Parks & Recreation Advisory Board meeting, sharing your comments on the Department’s Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, stopping by a booth at a community or pop-up event, mailing in a survey and more!  Full details on when and how to share what’s on your mind will be posted here, shared at Council meetings, shared on social media and more in the coming months.  We look forward to hearing from you!

PROS Plan Creation

Staff is just beginning work on the PROS Plan update with a consultant. This process will be ongoing through January 2020. The final plan is adopted by the City Council and the State of Washington, Recreation & Conservation Office (RCO).

Learn More about the Process

City Council Meeting, April 16th at 6:00 pm, City Hall Council Chambers, 5 min Staff Briefing

Parks & Recreation Advisory Board Meeting, April 18th at 6:00 pm, City Hall Rooms 107/108


Between late April and October, there will be numerous opportunities to participate in person, via email, a mail survey and more. Check back here for updates or subscribe to our periodic newsletter for notification of how you can participate.

PROS Newsletter

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