Coyotes, opossum, raccoons and mountain beavers thrive in urban and suburban neighborhoods. Although you may seldom see them due to their secretive habits, you are more likely to spot them in the spring and summer as they seek food for their new offspring or mates.

Typically these animals are harmless, but it's best to remain a safe distance from the animal, as it may be more aggressive when protecting its young.

Steps to Keep Wildlife from Invading Your Space

You can discourage wildlife from living in your yard by eliminating access to food, water and shelter. Securely close and lock garbage cans and compost bins. Feed pets indoors. Close access to sheds, crawl spaces, soffits and attics. Keep standing and running water sources to a minimum.

If wild animals in your yard become destructive, call these helpful resources:
  • PAWS Wildlife Center: 425-412-4040
  • Sarvey Wildlife Center: 360-435-4817
  • Washington State Wildlife Department: 425-775-1311
  • Washington State University Extension Office: 425-338-2400