Operations Division

The Operations Division of the Police Department is responsible for providing police officers to ensure the safety of all citizens within the City of Bothell, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition to uniformed officers on patrol in different patrol districts throughout the City, the Operations Division has several specialty units and teams.
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  1. Animal Services

    The City of Bothell provides a variety of animal services to residents.

  2. Crime Prevention

  3. Crisis Negotiation Team

    The Crisis Negotiation Team is a group of police employees selected and trained to communicate directly with hostage takers or barricaded subjects in critical incidents.

  4. Disabled Parking

    The Bothell Police Department would like to request your voluntary assistance in ensuring disabled parking is available to citizens who need it.

  5. Disturbance Response Team

    The Disturbance Response Team is prepared to rapidly deploy to situations involving public unrest.

  6. Narcotics K-9

    The purpose of the Narcotics K-9 is to locate controlled substances and items commonly used for the transportation, manufacture, or distribution of narcotics.

  7. Police Support Section

    The Police Support Section includes police support officers whose functions include the processing and storage of police evidence in accordance with State laws, and processing and transporting suspects to and from the police station to jail facilities that the Department is under contract with for detention services.

  8. Special Response Team

    The goal of the Special Response Team is to resolve critical incidents with a high degree of tactical precision and professionalism.

  9. Traffic Section

    The Traffic Section strives to provide high quality traffic safety services to all neighborhoods within Bothell, through education, awareness, and enforcement.