Permit Center

The Building and Permit Services Division includes:
  • Protective Inspections
  • Permit Services  
  • Code Enforcement 

 All permits and applications can be submitted online through
Effective May 1, 2017, electronic inspection scheduling will also be available through

  1. Applications & Forms

    View the applications and forms of the Planning and Developing Department.

  2. Construction Noise

    Learn about when you will hear construction noises within Bothell.

  3. Development Costs

    Find out how much it costs to develop certain structures within Bothell.

  4. FAQs

    Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about permits within Bothell.

  5. Inspection Request Line

    Inspection requests can be made online at or by calling the City of Bothell Inspection Request Line at 425-806-6107.

  6. Licensing Requirements

    Before the City of Bothell can issue a permit, we require the contractor to have, or apply for, a City of Bothell business license.