Applications & Forms

Contact a Permit Technician via email or at 425-806-6400.

Beginning January, 2019:

Permit applications must be submitted electronically through

  • Land Use 
  • Nonresidential or Multifamily Building, Plumbing or Mechanical for buildings over 4,000 square feet
  • Fire
  • Grading
  • Right of way
  • Utility 

This does not include permit applications for single family residences.

All plan submittals with over 10 sheets, submitted online or paper applications, shall follow this format for plan layout so reviewers have room to stamp plans. A full column of open area is required for the cover sheet and half a column is required for each subsequent sheet.

Plan Layout for architectural sheets and civil plans containing more than 10 sheets:

Plans submitted for review, and with over 10 sheets, shall have the following areas left blank and unused for city stamps.

  • Cover sheet: A full height column on the right side of the plans 3” wide based on a 36” x 24” plan sheet (adjust to fit the plan size)
  • After cover sheet: A column 8” tall x 3” wide column based on a 36” x 24” plan sheet (adjust to fit the plan size)

Requirements apply to plan sets only and not structural calculations, geotechnical reports, city forms, etc. Refer to plan stamp pdf template examples for further clarification.