Capital Facilities Plan Update

Got opinions on parks, open space,


, sidewalks and more?

City of Bothell wants to hear from you about how it should spend taxpayer dollars and other revenues on infrastructure. Your participation is important as the City develops the 2017-2023 Capital Facilities Plan (CFP) and Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).  

Plan updated every two years

The City Council adopts an updated CFP every two years (Resolution 1183 (PDF)). This plan prioritizes how the City spends money on Facilities, Parks and Open Spaces, Transportation, Water Utility, Storm Utility, and Sewer Utility projects. Projects have been identified as priorities and typically are at least partially funded.

Yearly TIP

The City Council adopts a revised TIP every year, consisting of transportation projects only. Not all projects on this list are funded.

Other projects

Here are some of the projects in these plans that we would like you to comment on:
  • Bridge maintenance, repair, and replacement
  • Development of existing parks
  • Flood mitigation
  • Parks and Open Spaces
  • Pavement maintenance
  • Pedestrian and bicycle projects
  • Purchase of land for new parks/open spaces
  • Road, intersection, and traffic signal improvements
  • Safety projects
  • Storm Water Utility
  • Trails 
  • Transportation (CFP and TIP)

Open houses

We held open houses on March 31 and June 15 to hear from you in person and answer your questions.

Join the conversation

Thank you to the 80+ people who submitted their online comments to us by the April 18 deadline. 

The official comment period for the CFP update has ended, but you can use this form year-round to request services or report problems.