Current Projects

  1. Downtown Contaminated Soil & Groundwater Clean Up

    This project is a component of Bothell's Downtown Revitalization Plan and is identified in the Capital Facilities Plan as T47.

  2. Lift Station Number 3

    This project will reconstruct an existing sanitary sewer lift station on the south side of the Sammamish River.

  3. Main Street Enhancement

    This project will integrate the historic district with the planned overall development of public spaces in the downtown area.

  4. Main Street Extension

    This project extends Main Street westward to 98th Ave NE. It ties the historic portion of Main Street to the new development west of Bothell Way NE.

  5. Multiway Boulevard

    When finished, pedestrians will be able to cross back and forth easily between historic downtown on the east side of Bothell Way and the newly developing west side.

  6. Pavement Overlay 2016

    This project proposes to rehabilitate roadways in the North Creek Parkway area and along 120th Avenue NE and NE 180th Street

  7. Penn Park Reservoir Replacement

    Penn Park is getting a larger potable water tank to increase its storage capacity.

  8. Sammamish River Off-Channel Habitat Restoration

    This project reconnects and restores 1,100 feet of an old remnant channel and floodplain of the Sammamish River.

  9. SR 522 Stage 3

    This project provides road improvements and BAT lanes from the end of Stage 1 and 2 improvements to 83rd Place NE.

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