Horse Creek Improvements

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September 27, 2016

Horse Creek is now flowing fully in its permanent new alignment!  The contractor is still working on a few elements, but will be finishing up soon. 

Join us at a ribbon-cutting celebration in the library plaza, Oct. 5 at 10 am.

Project description

The project replaces the existing Horse Creek pipe with a hybrid open-channel/culvert system along 98th Ave NE. The system is designed to convey flows exceeding the 100 year storm event and meets the fish passage criteria established by the State Department of Fish and Wildlife. The project begins at NE 188th St, north of Pop Keeney Field, and extends along 98th Avenue NE to the Sammamish River. The stream will be within an open channel south of the realigned SR 522.
Horse Creek Ribbon-Cutting Celebration Flyer (JPG)

Phase I

Utility improvements included installation of underground utilities within the 98th Ave NE corridor between NE 183rd St and NE 185th St.

Phase II

Improvements include relocation of the creek from its current location to the new hybrid channel.
  1. Phase I award
  2. Phase II award

Phase I project awarded March 18, 2014

The Horse Creek Phase 1 Project moved forward ahead of the larger project so the underground work along relocated 98th Ave NE could be completed before the roadway paving was installed by private development. The Horse Creek Phase 1 Project constructed approximately 350 LF of storm sewer and sanitary sewer within 98th Ave NE between NE 183rd Street and NE 185th Street, along with joint utility trench and water crossings. The general aspects of this work involved placing underground utilities within 98th Avenue NE in advance of the Horse Creek/98th Avenue NE Improvements Project. These utilities will remain unconnected until the larger project is completed. The project began in early April 2014 and was completed in July 2014.

Phase II construction schedule

  • Start Construction: July 2014
  • Complete Construction (except landscaping): September 2016
  1. Khin Gyi

    Senior Civil Engineer
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