Main Street Enhancement

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February 21, 2017

The City advertised for construction bids from Jan. 20 to Feb. 8 and received six bids. The apparent lowest bidder was Westwater Construction Company with a bid of $4,332,057.63. See the complete bid results.
This project is one of 12 top priority goals for 2017-18 Council recently identified. On Nov. 18, 2016, the Washington State Transportation Improvement Board awarded the City a $4.7 million grant to carry out the first phase of the Main Street Enhancement project.
The City planned this project quite some time ago, but it took on a greater urgency after the Main Street Fire in July 2016. Thanks to the recent grant award, construction will start in April 2017. However, franchise utility relocation will precede the roadway work, and is currently anticipated to occur in January and February.

Most recent meeting for Main Street business owners

Thank you to the dozens of business owners who attended the Jan. 11 meeting. If you missed the meeting, we talked about the project schedule and ways to help mitigate impacts for businesses during construction.

Envisioned future Main Street

Envisioned future Main Street

Project description

This project is a key component of the Downtown Revitalization Plan.  It addresses the historic section of downtown, with the goal of keeping it a viable, attractive location to work, live, visit and shop. 


The project consists of two phases; the first improvement phase is between Bothell Way NE and 102nd Avenue NE, while the second improvement phase is between 102nd Avenue NE and 104th Avenue NE/Kaysner Way.

The conceptual streetscape design has been completed and addresses the entire corridor between Bothell Way NE and 104th Avenue NE/Kaysner Way.

Main Street Enhancement Phase 1 improvements, along with the planned extension of Main street, will integrate the historic district with the planned overall development of public spaces in the downtown area such as the Northshore School District site and the Bothell Way NE multiway boulevard.  Main Street’s one hundred year legacy makes it the heart and soul of downtown Bothell and this project would ensure that the street maintains this status while preparing existing Main Street businesses to more successfully compete as new commercial development occurs on revitalized lands.

Reconstruct streetscape

The project will reconstruct the entire streetscape from building front to building front - approximately 60 feet in total width and would address the following key elements and features:
  • Gathering areas/public spaces
  • Wide pedestrian-friendly sidewalks
  • Additional parking
  • Maintaining the street character
  • Promoting business visibility
  • High-visibility crosswalks
  • Traffic calming measures
  • Flexible use zones 
Replacement of Downtown amenities and urban elements, such as street lighting, landscaping, benches, trash receptacles, way finding signage, and bicycle racks will brighten and bolster the economic health of this unique and historic commerce district. 

Replacing utilities

This being the oldest section of downtown, the project will replace public utilities (stormwater conveyance, sanitary sewer, and water) due to age and deterioration. 


The design will be 100% complete in January or early February 2017. Construction is slated to begin in January 2017, starting with the relocation of private utilities by the franchise companies (PSE & Frontier). Roadway construction activities will follow in early April. 

We held a meeting on Jan. 11 with business and property owners to prepare them for construction.
We advertised for bids from Jan. 20 to Feb. 8 and received six bids on the project.
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