Surface Water Management

What We Do

Surface Water staff work to protect our local streams through storm system inspection, maintenance, construction oversight, stream monitoring, and education and outreach opportunities to foster healthy watershed stewardship. Learn how you can help.

The City’s public storm drainage system consists of 148 miles of pipes, 8,548 catch basins, 1,394 ditches/swales, and 408 detention/retention facilities that include ponds, underground vaults, pervious pavement, and other water quality features. We work in conjunction with our Storm Operations staff to maintain this infrastructure.

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Report a Spill

Call 425-806-6750, day or night, to report spills right away. We want to know if you see a spill so we can try to contain it before it reaches any storm drains or affects local streams. Report a spill.

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Report a Drainage Issue

Submit an online form to tell us about your drainage concern. If it's an emergency, call 911.

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