Multiway Boulevard

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March 27, 2017 

Stage 3 of the project is beginning to take shape. Each intersection is slowly being reconstructed to the new multiway configuration. The contractor recently reconstructed intersections at 183rd St, 186th St, and Reder Way. Now they're working on NE 185th St, and will do Main St last. See project-related traffic alerts.
Most of the curb and gutter for the parking lanes has been completed on the east side of Bothell Way NE. April will see more progress in the construction of sidewalk, rain gardens, and signalization. The goal is to have functional signals at NE 183rd and 185th by early April, although drivers may have to wait until May for the vehicle detection system to start operating. Until then, signal timing will be set length of time. We'll also ask the contractor to open the planned left turn pockets at NE 185th slightly early to help with business access. The project is still on schedule for completion in late June.

Limited turns at several intersections 

Drivers and pedestrians may want to change their travel routes while the contractor works along the east side of Bothell Way NE. On Feb. 23 the contractor closed NE 185th St east of Bothell Way NE to work at that intersection. Business access is still available from westbound NE 185th St on the east side of the closure.
NE 183rd St and NE 186th St are open.

Turning movements are limited at these Bothell Way NE intersections

  • NE 185th St

    - intersection closed east of Bothell Way NE (business access only)
  • NE 186th St

    - right turn only
  • NE 183rd St

    - right turn only, no cross traffic over Bothell Way NE

Left turns are allowed at

  • NE 190th St / Bothell Way NE
  • Reder Way / Bothell Way NE
  • Eastbound NE 185th St / Bothell Way NE
  • Main St / Bothell Way NE
  • SR 522 / Bothell Way NE
Learn more about these temporary changes.

How to get around

These maps show drivers and pedestrians how to navigate through the construction, get to downtown businesses, and use detours. 

Benefits shared by all

Motorists, bicyclists, pedestrians, and transit riders will share the benefits of multimodal transportation options in downtown Bothell.

Downtown Bothell looking south

Downtown aerial looking south (JPG)

Envisioned future downtown

Multiway Boulevard

Phase 1

Phase 1 of the Multiway Boulevard project was completed in 2014. The project transformed the west side of Bothell Way NE between SR 522 and Reder Way.

Phase 2

Phase 2 construction on the east side and remaining west side has started. When the project is complete in summer 2017, pedestrians will be able to cross back and forth easily between historic downtown on the east side of Bothell Way and the newly developing west side.  

New southbound traffic lanes were finished in October 2016. Northbound traffic is shifted to a temporary alignment next to the southbound lanes while the contractor works on the remaining improvements on the east side of Bothell Way NE.
  1. Design elements
  2. Construction schedule



  • 14-feet wide sidewalks from SR 522 to Reder Way
  • Bike racks, street furniture, litter and recycle bins
  • Four full size arterial traffic lanes with center turn lanes
  • Four signalized intersections
  • Intelligent Transportation System interconnects all traffic signals on NE Bothell Way
  • Landscaping
  • LED streetlights
  • Local access lane SR 522 to Reder Way
    • 15 mph speed limit
    • Includes parking, bicycle lanes
    • No left turn from access lane to side street
    • Separated from the arterial lanes by a median
  • No driveway access between SR 522 and Reder Way
  • No left turns at NE 183rd Street
  • Onsite sustainable drainage features: rain gardens, permeable street pavers
  • Signals monitored by Bothell Traffic Management Center
  • Three driveways between Reder Way and NE 188th Street