Multiway Boulevard

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September 26, 2016

This week the contractor, Interwest Construction, is working on curbs and gutters, conduit trenching and paving, and storm installation.
See this week's lane closure details for this project.

Coming up

The contractor will soon begin paving Reder Way, and construct sidewalks, rain gardens, and side access lane pavers from SR 522 to NE 183rd St.

New southbound traffic alignment (click to enlarge)

Southbound Traffic Shift for Aug. 11 (JPG)
Multiway Boulevard

Phase 1

Phase 1 of the Multiway Boulevard project was completed in 2014. The project transformed the west side of Bothell Way NE between SR 522 and Reder Way.

Phase 2

Phase 2 construction on the east side and remaining west side has started. When the project is complete in summer 2017, pedestrians will be able to cross back and forth easily between historic downtown on the east side of Bothell Way and the newly developing west side.  

New southbound traffic lanes should be finished by late October 2016. In November, northbound traffic will shift to a temporary alignment next to the southbound lanes while the contractor works on the remaining improvements on the east side of Bothell Way NE.

Benefits shared by all

Motorists, bicyclists, pedestrians, and transit riders will share the benefits of multimodal transportation options in downtown Bothell.

What is a multiway boulevard?

A boulevard is a street design that uses medians to separate through traffic lanes from local access traffic lanes. The boulevard design balances competing needs for:
  • Roadway capacity
  • Local access
  • Street parking
  • Urban density
  • Pedestrian comfort
When both sides of the street are designed this way, it is a multiway boulevard.
  1. Design elements
  2. Construction schedule



  • 14-feet wide sidewalks from SR 522 to Reder Way
  • Bike racks, street furniture, litter and recycle bins
  • Four full size arterial traffic lanes with center turn lanes
  • Four signalized intersections
  • Intelligent Transportation System interconnects all traffic signals on NE Bothell Way
  • Landscaping
  • LED streetlights
  • Local access lane SR 522 to Reder Way
    • 15 mph speed limit
    • Includes parking, bicycle lanes
    • No left turn from access lane to side street
    • Separated from the arterial lanes by a median
  • No driveway access between SR 522 and Reder Way
  • No left turns at NE 183rd Street
  • Onsite sustainable drainage features: rain gardens, permeable street pavers
  • Signals monitored by Bothell Traffic Management Center
  • Three driveways between Reder Way and NE 188th Street