Multiway Boulevard

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April 24, 2017 

The NE 185th St intersection reopened earlier this month. The NE 183rd St intersection also recently reopened and now has a 4-way traffic signal. 
Stage 3 of the project it taking shape. Each intersection is slowly being reconstructed to the new multiway configuration. The contractor recently reconstructed intersections at 183rd St, 185th St, 186th St, and Reder Way. Now they're working on Main St. See project-related traffic alerts.
The contractor has started installing the landscape irrigation system and has begun constructing the rain garden between the through lane and the local access lane. They've also started work on the sidewalks. Most of the curb and gutter for the parking lanes has been completed on the east side of Bothell Way NE. The traffic signals at NE 183rd and 185th are functioning, but drivers may have to wait until May for the vehicle detection system to start operating. Until then, signal timing will be set length of time. The project is still on schedule for completion in late June.

Getting around town

This map shows pedestrians how to navigate through the construction, get to downtown businesses, and use detours. 

Drivers are able to make left turns at:

  • NE 190th St / Bothell Way NE
  • Reder Way / Bothell Way NE
  • Eastbound and westbound NE 185th St / Bothell Way NE
  • Eastbound and westbound NE 183rd St / Bothell Way NE
  • Main St / Bothell Way NE

Envisioned future downtown

Multiway Boulevard