SR 522 Stage 3

Burke-Gilman Trail Impacts

This project is a continuation of the SR 522 Stage 1 and Stage 2 improvements. It will provide road improvements, Business Access and Transit (BAT) lanes from the end of Stage 1 and 2 improvements to 83rd Place NE (the new western City limits). This stage of the project is part of the Sound Transit SR 522/NE 145th Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project that will widen the existing lanes of SR 522 and create BAT lanes in both directions. 

Additionally, this project will add a sidewalk on the north side, install center medians and street lights, and relocate utilities underground.

Sound Transit hosted an online open house to share design updates and gather feedback.

Background and community benefits

Transit speed and reliability would be improved with the installation of BAT lanes where none exists. This would support the vision of downtown Bothell as a transit-friendly urban core. Installation of a sidewalk on the north side of the highway would allow the neighborhoods to access intersections along SR 522 and cross the regional trail system. This would promote pedestrian and bicycle usage.

The Sound Transit 3 ballot measure allocated funding for this project. The City held a Public Hearing regarding an appeal of the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) threshold determination for this project on August 18, 2016.  Read the notice.

The design and right-of-way (ROW) phases of this project are complete. On March 19th, 2019, the City Council awarded a construction contract to Thomco Construction, Inc., the lowest responsive and responsible bidder.


Construction started on Monday, Apr. 29, 2019 and is expected to be completed in Summer 2021.

Construction Update

Utility Phase Completed Ahead of Schedule Allowing Wall Phase to Begin!

The utility phase was scheduled for completion in spring 2020, the last utility completed their work in mid-January.  This allowed construction crews to begin preparing for the wall construction phase of this project in mid-January.  The wall phase will involve extensive excavation along the south side of SR 522 between 83rd Pl NE and 96th Ave NE for the construction of six new walls and two driveways off of the SR 522 highway. 

Traffic Impacts (click here for traffic alerts page)

This phase is expected to continue through the winter of 2020, with the majority work performed during day time hours.  Expect lane closures during off-peak travel times throughout the day.  Traffic will continue to stay in the northern section of SR 522, with the exception of periodic lane shifts.  Left turns will remain prohibited along the work zone between 96th Ave NE and 83rd Pl NE during this time. 

No Left Turns During Lane Shift

Beginning early June 2019, all lanes of traffic were shifted to the north side of SR 522. During this phase, drivers are unable to turn left onto or off of SR 522 through the work zone. This restriction will continue when all lanes are shifted to the south side of SR 522 and is expected to last through the duration of the project. 

No Shoulder Access During Lane Shift

The north shoulder of SR 522 that connects the Ivorywood Apartments to 83rd Pl. NE will be inaccessible to pedestrians during construction. The north sidewalk that connects 96th Ave. NE to the Ivorywood Apartments will remain open for the duration of this project, as will the Burke Gilman Trail between 96th Ave. NE and 80th Ave. NE. Transit users should plan accordingly and use alternate bus stops when possible.

Private Driveway Impacts

The NE 170th St "Blue Heron Marina" driveway is scheduled to be paved between SR 522 and the Burke-Gilman Trail in early December 2020, weather permitting. 

The trail will remain open during the paving operation with the contractor maintaining the 8' trail width. Trail users should be advised that there will be heavy, loud, vibrating machinery operating adjacent to the trail along with odors from the fresh asphalt. 

SR522 Private Driveway Impacts


SR 522 Stage 3 Detailed Vicinity Map (2019)