Car Washing

Think twice before washing in your driveway

Vehicle wash water contains pollutants like oil, grease, heavy metals, solvents and soaps. When these harmful pollutants run off our driveways and roads, they go down the storm drain and travel to our local streams, lakes, and Puget Sound - untreated
Even biodegradable soap pollutes! 

Car going through a commercial wash

Commercial car wash (JPG)
Over 2,000,000 gallons of contaminated car wash runoff flows into our streams each year.

You can help reduce water pollution

Join the rest of us in pledging to reduce pollution in our streams by using a commercial car wash. Can't use a commercial car wash facility? Try using a waterless car wash product or diverting the wash water to grass or gravel so it can absorb into the soil.

Hosting a fundraiser?

Here are some options and alternatives:
  • Sell commercial car wash tickets- commercial car wash facilities will sell you discounted car wash tickets for $1-2 that you can turn around and sell for $8-10. Visit the Puget Sound Car Wash Association or Brown Bear to learn more. 
  • Rent a car wash stall- some facilities allow you to rent a stall for the day
  • Divert wash water- divert the wash water to a large grass or gravel surface that will allow the wash water to completely infiltrate into the soil
  • Use waterless car washing products- waterless products with microfiber towels remove dirt without scratching the paint and provide a nice wax coat

Remember, nothing but rain down the drain!