Natural Yard Care

It feels great to go natural!

Our yards are our outdoor homes - fun, beautiful, great spaces for relaxing. But in taking care of them, we often use water inefficiently, produce a lot of yard waste, and overuse chemicals that are bad for our families' health and our environment. The good news is that we can save money, time, and protect our health by making small changes in the way we care for our yards and lawns. 
Healthy soil (JPG)

How to build a healthy yard

Our natural yard care website teaches you how to build healthy soil, plant right for your site, practice smart watering, eliminate the use of harmful pesticides, and practice natural lawn care. You'll also find great information on native plants and how to hire a professional landscaping company.
Five Steps to Natural Yard Care (JPG)

Eat your weeds

Tired of those weeds taking over your lawn? Well...if you can't beat 'em, eat 'em!  Most of the troublesome weeds in your yard are edible and provide some terrific nutrients for your family. 
Eat Your Weeds Sweetie

Weeds are good for you!

Dandelions have a vitamin A content higher than carrots! And they contain the best known source of lecithin, which may reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease and helps support liver function. For some recipes, view our Eat Your Weeds Recipe Cards (PDF).

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