Rain Gardens

What is low impact development

There are many techniques and design considerations that help capture and move rain water while improving the aesthetics of your property. Low impact development manages the rainwater that falls on your property by allowing some to evaporate back into the air, some to absorb into the ground, some to be captured and used later as needed, and the rest to slowly pass into the stormwater system and into nearby streams. 

Demonstration rain garden project

The City partnered with the King County library system to provide a demonstration rain garden that captures and filters rain water from their pedestrian roof.  This particular design is meant to function in a high traffic area with minimal maintenance.  Feel free to drop by the library, read more about this garden, and grab a booklet inside the library to learn more.

Managing Rainwater in Bothell handbook

The City created a simple guide to help you learn about the different techniques and options available to help you get started.

WSU Extension Rain Garden Handbook

This step-by-step guide will help you determine whether a rain garden is right for your property and will guide you through the process of building one yourself. View the Rain Garden Handdbook for Western Washington.

Rain Garden at Bothell Library

City Rain Garden