Stormwater Development Code Revisions - LID

What's Happening Now

We are in the process of updating our stormwater development related codes and design standards to incorporate and require the use of Low Impact Development (LID) principles and Best Management Practices (BMPs).   

LID techniques imitate natural forest lands by helping rain absorb into the ground, instead of running into pipes that drain to local lakes and streams. LID features such as rain gardens, pervious pavement, and green roofs slow stormwater at the source and filter out pollutants naturally. Using these techniques helps protect fish and wildlife and preserve the health of lakes, streams, and Puget Sound. 

The City is required to complete this review and adopt codes and standards to incorporate and require the use of LID principles and practices by December 31, 2016. 

Formal Review Process

Multiple Planning Commission public hearings have been conducted on this topic from May through July.  The information gathered at these sessions was incorporated into a final findings report which went to City Council in September for initial review. Council requested changes which were brought for public review in October. Staff bring the suggested code changes to Council Tuesday, November 1 to request final approval. 

For more information on the Council sessions, please see our
City Council page.

The SEPA process has begun and comment period is open through Monday, October 31. The SEPA Notice is available in the document section. 

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