Wayne Golf Course Visioning

The City of Bothell,  Forterra, OneBothell, and King County are pleased to announce that the first phase of the Wayne Golf Course Visioning Process has been completed. Interested parties can view the Concept Plan here.

Thank you to everyone who attended our public meetings and/or completed an online survey. The public completed just over 1000 online surveys. The results of the public comment and surveys can be found in the Visioning Plan. The Bothell City Council reviewed the Vision Plan on July 12, 2016 Council Meeting.

The Vision Plan will be used to support numerous grant applications of both the Wayne Golf Course front nine and the back nine and to guide the decisions during the acquisition process leading up to completion of a formal Master Plan when the property is acquired.

As the process to acquire the Wayne Golf Course property continues, anyone desiring information can contact Bothell Parks and Recreation Director, John Keates at 425.806.6751.