Utility Billing

Starting or Stopping Service


Purchase or Sale of a Home

If you are buying or selling a home you will need to contact us to provide us with seller’s name, property address, forwarding address, closing date, and buyer’s name. Water and sewer charges are the responsibility of the owner. If you purchase a property and the final bill is not paid at closing, it will become the responsibility of the new owner to pay the outstanding charge. Check with your escrow company to make sure they are paying the closing bill.

Rental Properties

Rental property accounts are billed to the property owner. A courtesy copy may be sent to the tenant upon request.

Extended Vacation or Vacancy

If you will be gone for an extended period of time you may want to consider requesting a temporary stop service. There is a fee for turning off the service, and for turning on the service. Contact us if you would like to temporarily stop service.

Water Leaks and Bill Adjustments for Leaks

As the homeowner you are responsible for locating and repairing a water leak. If you have a leak repaired, it is important to complete a Leak Adjustment Request Form.

Receiving a Bill from King County

This charge applies to all properties within the King County service area connected to sewer on or after February 1, 1990. It is to pay for building sewage treatment capacity to serve new connections to the regional sewer system. If you have any questions regarding this capacity charge, please call 206-296-1450 or visit the King County website
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