Safe Streets and Sidewalks Ballot Measure

You talked, we listened.

You told us that safety and mobility improvements should be a top priority. This nine-year measure will address those concerns by focusing on safe routes to schools as well as street improvements which will improve access for emergency vehicles, increase clarity of lane markings, and improve pavement quality.
Safe Streets and Sidewalks will restore some of the lost funding and target priority projects throughout Bothell:
  • Improving the condition of major streets
  • Constructing sidewalks and crosswalks
  • Restoring suspended programs such as asphalt patching, and sidewalk repair and replacement
  • Fully funding Street Operations
  • Improving pavement marking, including striping
Boy on sidewalk
Levy would replace $1.2 million in lost funding
Bothell is among many Washington cities that have lost previously dedicated road funding. Voter-approved initiatives have cut revenue streams requiring public approval to replace funding.

This measure would restore funding for currently suspended programs that patch and repair crumbling roads and sidewalks, address a growing backlog of maintenance, and protect other services we need.

Without new investment, our roads and sidewalks will continue to fall into disrepair. Waiting to fund repairs and improvements to the City’s streets and sidewalks will cost more in the long term. Smaller fixes now save taxpayer dollars and help ensure our community’s safety and mobility for the future.

The investment

Funding this measure would require a property tax of 50¢ for every $1,000 of assessed value. The estimated cost for the median home in Bothell (an assessed value of $376,000) would be less than $16/month, or $188 annually. The levy would apply to all taxable properties in the City limits. 

Where would the money go?

Funding pie chart
Residents of Bothell have identified road and sidewalk maintenance and improvements as top priorities for Bothell. The City Council placed Proposition 1 on the November ballot for your consideration. This 9-year levy would replace funding lost to other voter-approved tax limits. Proposition 1 would provide dedicated funding to repair and maintain municipal streets, invest in safe routes to schools, and other pedestrian safety upgrades.

The benefit

If approved by voters, Proposition 1 would be used solely to maintain and extend the life of Bothell’s street system and improve sidewalk safety for pedestrians. Additional investment now will save costs in the future.

​How can I learn more?

The City has presented to local civic groups such as Rotary, Chamber of Commerce, and the Northshore Senior Center. If you represent a group that would like a presentation on the ballot measure, please contact Catherine Jansen