Bothell Way NE Traffic Alerts

Feb. 24 - Mar. 5

Limited turns at several intersections

As of Feb. 23, drivers and pedestrians may need to change their travel routes while the contractor ramps up work along the east side of Bothell Way NE. Road construction at NE 185th St has closed that intersection east of Bothell Way NE. This means that northbound vehicles on Bothell Way NE can't turn right onto NE 185th St, and southbound vehicles can't turn left onto NE 185th St. Business access is still available from westbound NE 185th St on the east side of the closure.
NE 183rd St and NE 186th St are open.

Turning movements will be limited at these Bothell Way NE intersections:

  • NE 185th St

    - intersection closed east of Bothell Way NE (business access only)
  • NE 186th St

    - right turn only
  • NE 183rd St

    - right turn only, no cross traffic over Bothell Way NE

Left turns will be allowed at:

  • NE 190th St / Bothell Way NE
  • Reder Way / Bothell Way NE
  • Eastbound NE 185th St / Bothell Way NE
  • Main St / Bothell Way NE
  • SR 522 / Bothell Way NE

How to get around

These maps show drivers and pedestrians how to navigate through the construction, get to downtown businesses, and use detours. 
The lane closures listed below are part of the Multiway Boulevard project. This week the contractor is working on surveying, demolishing, excavating, and building the roadway.

Bothell Way NE construction

Affected roads Details Date Time

NE 185th St

- east of Bothell Way NE
Intersection closed. Use NE 183rd St to detour. Feb. 24 - Mar. 5 24 hrs/day

Bothell Way NE

- from SR 522 to Main St
Northbound left lane & southbound left lane closed. Feb. 27 & Mar. 1 8 am - 3 pm