Winter Weather

CityHall01/16/20, 2pm update:

All priority routes are back to being clear and we have been able to get into a lot of secondary roads and neighborhoods.  The City is looking good at the moment. We have seen some breezy conditions but no significant wind speeds.  

Road Conditions

Public Works Crews Plowing Snow

What Can You Do?  

  • Clear all snow from your vehicle before driving
  • Clear sidewalks, driveways and fire hydrants of snow and debris
  • Clear snow from storm drains to prevent flooding

Weather Update

Expect 25-30 mph winds this afternoon and evening as well as some additional snow. Please watch for downed limbs and debris. Some power outages may occur. 

two generator diagrams

Report power outages to your local utility provider

Puget Sound Energy

Snohomish County PUD

Do not call 911 to report power outages

What to do in the event of a power outage?

Have your disaster kits ready. Keep fridges and freezers closed, and disconnect all appliances and electronics from outlets. 

Avoid carbon monoxide poisoning: Use generators outdoors in well-ventilated areas. Never use barbecues or grills indoors, including garages, and do not warm your home with ovens or gas stoves. Remember to check on your neighbors if it is safe to do so. 

How to stay warm during a power outage?

Wear extra layers of clothing, have blankets readily available and congregate in a single room to maintain heat. If safe, go to an alternate location such as a relative’s home for heat. If you are able to heat your home, stay safe by keeping burnable objects at least three feet away from heat sources. 

Waste collection

Service Updates

Waste Management (1/16): No impacts. If you were not collected Tuesday, please pull your carts in. See information below about how to handle extra materials if your service was missed this week.  

Recology (1/16): No delays at this time.  See information below about how to handle extra materials if your service was missed this week.

What to do with extra garbage, recycling and yard waste?

If your service is missed this week, Recology and Waste Management will collect twice the normal amount of material on your next scheduled collection day at no charge.

Recology infographic on handling extras

City offices

City Hall offices are open today, Thursday, Jan. 16 from 8am-5pm.

Event and meeting schedule updates

None at this time.

Park-related closures and cancellations:

Parks & Recreation opened restrooms. Sports fields remain closed. Recreation classes are on normal schedules at this time.

Sheltering Information

If you or someone you know needs shelter, visit the Snohomish County District Health website where shelter locations and phone numbers are provided. 

Bus/Transit Information

Is school delayed or cancelled?

Know what's happening

Picture of snowplow in neighborhood