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Bothell Crossroads - Phase III

The third and final phase of Bothell Crossroads consists of site grading, roadway construction, utility installation and landscaping.


APRIL 2012

It's official! The final hurdle is in sight. The bid opening on April 4th, 2012 for the Bothell Crossroads project was successful with 4 bids received following the Council’s decision to re-advertise due to low turnout in our first attempt. The apparent low bidder was $15,199,687.20 submitted by Guy F. Atkinson Construction which is $2,775,914 less than Engineer's Estimate of $17,975,601. The construction contract was awarded by City Council on April 10th, 2012 and hopes are to start construction by June 1st to make it to the finish line by June 2014.

Bid Results

Atkinson Construction

 $ 15,199,687.20

MidMountain Contractors

 $ 15,427,999.00

IMCO General Construction

 $ 16,526,827.62

Stan Palmer Construction

 $ 19,437,346.60


Anticipated Impacts

Most of the work at the beginning of this phase will be confined to the fenced-off area outside the traffic zone; therefore, traffic impacts will be limited. However, midway through the project, utility installation work will begin and work will transition into the traffic zone.  This also may require two weekend closures of the SR 522 Bothell Way / Bothell Everett  Highway / Main Street intersection.  Roadway closures will also occur when tie-ins from the new to the existing roadway are completed towards the end of the project.

The information below summarizes anticipated impacts to drivers, residents, and park users. Construction updates will be posted on the project website in advance of these impacts.


SR 522 single lane day/night time closures at various stages, including detours or traffic signal interruptions. Closures times will be typically between 9am and 3pm during the day and 9pm to 5am at night. Some local Streets (NE 180th St, 98th Ave NE, 101st Ave NE, and Main St) will be affected due to various lane closures to perform utility work and roadway construction.There will be increased truck traffic during the day (off-peak hours) for hauling construction materials and debris.

There will be 12-hour nighttime closures of the intersection of SR 522/Bothell-Everett Hwy over two (2) weekends for utility installation work (typically from Friday 10 p.m. through Saturday 10 a.m.; and from Saturday 10 p.m. through Sunday 10 a.m.).

Transit Commuters

Most work will be done during off-peak hours; lane closures and day work will be kept to a minimum during commute hours.

Temporary bus stops will be expected at NE 180th Street/SR 522 and Ombrek/SR 522 when traffic is switched onto the new SR 522 alignment until new bus stops are constructed. It is anticipated that temporary bus stops will not be needed until sometime next summer.


There will be sidewalk closures, including south SR 522 sidewalk between NE 180th St and 101st Ave NE; and along NE 180th St.  Pedestrian detours will be provided to get to the Park at Bothell Landing.


Some business accesses will be affected intermittently at various times along SR 522 from Hall Road to 101st Ave NE, and Main Street. However, access to businesses will be provided for at all times.

Park Users

Vehicular park access will be limited to one entrance and exit at NE 101st Ave and SR 522 during construction. During initial stages of work, the northern half of the gravel parking lot near Lytle House will be fenced off and closed to the public. When traffic is switched onto the new SR 522 alignment, additional access to the park at 98th Ave NE will become available; however, through access on NE 180th Street will be discontinued as part of the project.  

Park events will be relocated during construction.

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