Parks and Public Spaces Levy

Parks and Public Spaces Levy

A Place for Everyone: Levy Investments

Bothell is growing and thriving.  From a small, rural town to a prosperous suburban community of 40,000 residents, Bothell continues to keep and attract new residents for its high quality of life, excellent schools and dynamic businesses.

To ensure Bothell continues to prosper, citizens, business and community leaders came together several years ago to develop a vision for Bothell’s future.  The plan developed calls for public improvements and strategic actions to revitalize downtown and address growing demands for more park land and public spaces throughout the city which will only become more difficult to acquire as the city’s population increases and land is used for other purposes.

Over the past several years much progress has been made. Private investments are transforming downtown into a vibrant shopping, cultural and housing center that is the heart of the city. But to complete the vision more parks and public spaces are needed throughout the city.

On November 4, 2014 Bothell voters will be asked to consider the Parks and Public Spaces Levy that would raise $42 million to create destination parks, recreational opportunities, and downtown public spaces and enhancements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the improvements a good investment for the City and residents?
Public investments have already leveraged over $200 million in private investment: this amounts to more than a 200 percent return on the City’s investment. More private projects are anticipated, generating an anticipated total of $650 million of private investment. Additionally, once new private sector development is open and operating in Bothell, it generates ongoing property, sales, and utility taxes to support and enhance City services that benefit everyone.

Can the City of Bothell reduce operating expenses elsewhere to pay for these capital expenses?
The short answer is that the City has already reduced operating expenses elsewhere as much as fiscally feasible, to the point where this is not a viable source for these capital projects.  The City has also pursued all other funding options, such as grants and developer fees.  Please see information regarding the City's Capital Facilities Plan for more details.

The Levy includes some Downtown public space investments. Why can’t developers pay for all of this work?
The plan for downtown revitalization is a public-private partnership with developers. Developers are financially contributing to the Boulevard and will be responsible for construction of the extension of Main Street. In the last four years, the City has funded over $100 million in downtown investments. The downtown public space improvements in the levy package are all that is remaining to complete the plan.

Has citizen input been considered for the Levy projects?

All of the Levy projects have gone through a tremendous amount of citizen review and input starting back in early 2006 with some Levy projects. All projects identified in the Levy have been part of the City’s Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Program or part of the City’s Downtown Plan.


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