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May 31

Preserving open space key to Bothell’s livability

Posted to City Manager by Barbara Ramey

Cranes and construction cones seem to be everywhere in downtown Bothell. Private development projects such as the Mercantile Building, the Junction, the 185 Apartments and others are underway, bringing more housing and retail to our downtown core. Meanwhile, the City’s Main Street Enhancement project is under construction, and the Multiway Boulevard Project is wrapping up this summer. We appreciate your patience as we work together to make the community’s vision for downtown a reality. It’s really an exciting phase in Bothell’s development.

At the same time, the City of Bothell is working very hard to preserve open space. A key to our success has been the initiative and involvement of community groups in at least three major efforts. For example, we recently celebrated the preservation of 63.4 acres of the North Creek Forest, just west of I-405 in Maywood Hills. The property features second growth, mature forest with wetlands and streams that connect to North Creek, the Sammamish Slough, and Puget Sound. The acquisition comes after years of work by community groups such as Friends of North Creek Forest and Help our Woods, working together with the City. 

Similarly, the City is working closely with OneBothell and Forterra on a plan to buy the Wayne Golf Course and to transform it into the Wayne/Sammamish Regional Park. King County Executive Dow Constantine recently recognized OneBothell, Forterra and the City of Bothell for our efforts to preserve this regional gem, which includes nearly a mile of shoreline along the Sammamish River. Forterra is holding the property until the end of 2017. The City is working to secure funding to buy the property from Forterra.  

As a final example, the City of Bothell Parks and Recreation Department and the Shelton View Forest Stewardship Association joined forces to submit a $1 million request to Snohomish County to purchase about 16 acres of the Shelton View Forest, located in northwest Bothell near Shelton View Elementary School. (We’re exploring options for a second 26-acre parcel owned by the Department of Natural Resources.) The Snohomish County Council recently approved the funding, and we’re grateful for Snohomish County Councilmember Terry Ryan’s advocacy. 

These milestones, and the support of our partners, make me very confident in Bothell’s future. Working together, we’re making Bothell’s downtown a vibrant place to dine, shop and enjoy community events. We’re also ensuring that there are plenty of green spaces to escape, unwind and enjoy nature.
May 31

Making sure we are represented

Posted to Council Corner by Barbara Ramey

As I walked through neighborhoods during my City Council election campaign, the one consistent promise made was to represent you, the people of Bothell—to reflect your needs and your wants, not my own, when it came to making decisions about our City. 

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Mar 06

Don't get snagged by email "phishing" scams

Posted to Tech Blog by Michele Woodhouse

Scammers send "phishing" emails to trick you into giving out personal information. Find out how to protect yourself and learn about trending scams.  

One common scam prompts you to sign into your email account using a link in the body of the message. The link actually does not take you to your email service site, but rather the scammers' site. Once you click on the link and attempt to log into your email, the scammer immediately gets your email login and password. The scammer now has access to all your email and can even send mail that looks like it's from you to trick your friends and family.  

Scammers often do a good job of making these emails look legitimate. The messages might seem to come from your bank, an attorney, or even somebody you know. 

Tips to protect yourself from phishing email scams:  

  • Never open and email attachment or click on a link in an email unless 1) You know who it’s from and 2) You are expecting it.  

  • Never click on a link in an email without first hovering your mouse over the link to see where the link will actually take you.  

  • Take a close look at the ‘from’ address. For example, ‘’ is not the same as ‘’. Scammers will try to fool you by creating an email address that is similar to a legitimate one.  

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