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Sep 04

Benefits of regional engagement to Bothell residents

Posted on September 4, 2018 at 11:24 AM by Barbara Ramey

McNeal-lgrBy James McNeal

Your City Council, while juggling many pressing local issues, understands that the City of Bothell isn’t an island. Many of the challenges we face are regional challenges, including managing growth, the opioid epidemic, traffic, flood control and water quality, and more.

Because we value our regional connections and the benefits they provide to our community, many Councilmembers serve on regional committees. This work involves many meetings that take us out of Bothell, but nets countless benefits. For example, it helps make sure Bothell’s perspective is heard and we bring back what we learn to our community. Collaborating with regional partners also gives us connections to vital funding opportunities that benefit Bothell residents. The City received more than $7 million in state and local grant funding in 2017.

Regional cooperation is most visible in terms of parks, planning and transportation. Some key regional efforts include:

The purchase of Wayne Golf Course. The acquisition of the 89-acre property was made possible through strong grassroots efforts and our partnership with Forterra, but also through regional cooperation with King County and the State of Washington.

The Navigator Program. The Bothell Police Navigator is a mental health professional who works alongside an officer, helping diffuse crises and connecting people with resources. Our part-time Navigator is funded through a King County grant to Shoreline and Bothell. Proposition 1, which you’ll see on the ballot this fall, would fund a full time Navigator position.

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) on State Route 522. The City has been active in advocating for your interests as plans for a new high-capacity transit service develop. Starting in 2024, Sound Transit will begin BRT on SR 522, providing fast, frequent and reliable bus connections. The project includes nine stations with additional parking at Lake Forest Park, Kenmore and Bothell and an expanded transit center at UW Bothell.

There are many more regional efforts that we engage in on your behalf. It’s just one way we’re working to keep Bothell a great community to live, work and play. Get more information about Council committees. Feel free to contact me by email  or 425-466-2599.