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Sep 04

City takes steps supporting our safety value

Posted on September 4, 2018 at 11:35 AM by Barbara Ramey

Why is safety an organizational value? There are countless reasons, but they can be categorized into two areas: caring about people and saving money, in that order.

A work culture that cares about its employees takes the necessary steps to ensure employees are physically and emotionally safe in the workplace. The goal of a safe workplace is that each day, every employee is productive and returns home without injury, satisfied in the completion of a good day’s work that will enable them to live a healthy, long life. It means that employees are motivated and productive, innovation is fostered, absenteeism is reduced, collaboration and teamwork are the norm, and day-to-day operations are performed with expertise and a commitment to safety procedures and actions.

Safety in the workplace also ensures that all employees feel they can freely and openly express their opinions, beliefs and concerns.

The City has taken three major steps in supporting our safety value. First, the City Council approved the creation of a Safety Manager position which was recently filled. I am excited to see our Safety Program grow and support our employees by implementing procedures, policies and trainings that will help make our staff and our community safer.

Second, the City established our first Diversity and Inclusion Committee. Made up of passionate and caring staff, the team is committed to achieving the City Council’s goal of being a welcoming city for our community and our dedicated and diverse staff, thereby fostering a safe community for all.

Third, we have a proposal that, among other things, would improve the health and safety of our firefighters. Right now, firefighters go directly from fighting fires, with smoke-contaminated gear, to the fire station where they eat and recover between calls. Under Proposition 2, a public safety bond on the ballot this November, two new fire stations would reduce this problem by creating space for firefighters to “decontaminate.” You can read more about the ballot measures on page 4 and 5 of the Bothell Bridge.

With all these things happening, we are preventing injuries and illnesses, and we are saving the taxpayers’ money. What a great outcome!