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Dec 04

Ethics, the foundation of our City values

Posted on December 4, 2018 at 1:33 PM by Barbara Ramey

This column culminates a four-part series sharing our City’s values of exceptional customer service, teamwork, innovation, safety and ethics. Although ethics is the last topic in this series, it is first and foremost in serving as a guiding principle for our behavior, actions and decisions in the workplace. 

Promoting an ethical culture is a key leadership responsibility and one that I take very seriously. At the City of Bothell our ethics value means we conduct ourselves based on six ethical pillars: 
responsibility and
good citizenship. 

These ethical pillars offer the foundation for our delivery of customer service. They shape how we interact as a team. They provide the boundaries we use for our innovation and the reasons why we ensure our employees have a safe work environment. We are serving our community with the highest integrity by:
showing respect to everyone we interact with; 
ensuring that our practices and decisions are fair and equitable; 
caring about those we serve and making a difference in our community; 
being honest and open to foster trust with our community; 
taking responsibility for our actions and decisions and 
being good citizens by following the laws that govern our work and actions. 

One of my favorite statements that I use whenever I talk about ethics is, “Ethics requires us to give up the idea that an act is proper simply because it is permissible or legal.” This means that a person must think beyond the law or policy and decide if their action is supported by the ethical pillars. Through our ethics value, I expect all Bothell employees to embrace and emulate the ethical pillars as part of our commitment to delivering high-quality programs and services to our entire community, residents, businesses, visitors, neighbors and partners.