City Services

BCTV 21/26 (Comcast/Verizon)

Bothell Community Television (BCTV) 21/26 is the City's government access channel.  It's available to Comcast and Verizon customers within Bothell city limits

BCTV 21/26 Productions

Freedom Festival Parade
July 4, 2013

Bothell Beat - Winter Edition
January  2013

Bothell Beat - Fall Edition
September  2012

Freedom Festival Parade
July 4, 2012

Wayne Curve Ribbon Cutting
June 19, 2012

Spring 2012

    Goat Cam - the view from a goat's perspective as they eat invasive blackberries at Centennial Park
    Spring 2012

Egg Hunt
Spring 2012

Bothell Beat
Spring 2012

240th Street Bridge Ribbon Cutting
April 2012

ABC Rules for Sleeping Babies
August 2011 - Police Presentation

National Night Out
August 2011

Freedom Festival
July 2011

Tour The New Public Works Facility!
May 2011

City Hall Workshops

Workshop #1 - Guiding Principles
Workshop #2 - Master Plan
Workshop #3 - Art and Architecture

Barbara Ramey, ABC
Communications Officer

Lisa Allen and Kirsten Clemens
Public Educators/Public Information Officers
Fire and E.M.S.

Denise Langford
Police Captain/Public Information Officer
Police Department