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City Council

The Bothell City Council is a seven-member, policy-making body that governs city government. Each council member has equal decision-making powers and City Council meets three times each month (except August). All Bothell City Council positions are four-year terms. Council member positions are non-partisan, part-time positions.

A Mayor and Deputy Mayor are elected by council members every two years. The Mayor serves as the presiding officer and acts as chair at all meetings of the City Council. The Mayor may participate in all deliberations of the Council in the same manner as any other member and is expected to vote in all proceedings, unless a conflict of interest exists. The Mayor does not possess any power of veto. The Mayor may not move an action, but may second a motion.

The Mayor is a Ceremonial Representative and has the responsibility to act as the City Council's ceremonial representative at public events and functions that are assigned to the Mayor. The Mayor is vested with the authority to initiate and execute proclamations and declare a state of emergency if necessary. In the Mayor's absence, the Deputy Mayor assumes this responsibility. Should both the Mayor and Deputy Mayor be absent, the Mayor will appoint another Council Member to assume this responsibility.

Council Corner

An exciting time to live in Bothell

by Joshua Freed, Mayor

Bothell is a safe, livable and thriving community in which to live, work and play. As far as safety goes, Bothell has a low incidence of violent crimes. Our public safety servants pride themselves, and rightly so, on their customer service. Our 9-1-1 dispatchers answered 95% of all 9-1-1 calls within three rings last year, exceeding the standard of answering 90% of calls within 10 seconds.

The City’s Fire and E.M.S. (Emergency Medical Services) Department continues to provide excellent service to address the community’s needs. Bothell citizens can rest assured that the City is planning ahead to continue to provide top-notch fire and medical services as the city grows, whether through the City’s own department or a Regional Fire Authority. On the “needs” list are improvements to the Canyon Park and Downtown fire stations, along with considering the addition and staffing of a third fire station in the south area of the City.

Bothell boasts an exceptional quality of life, where people raise families, attend school, and enjoy nature. The recently established Parks and Recreation Department is focusing on maintenance and improvements of our parks, recognizing the need for park acquisition especially in the Snohomish County area of the City. The state budget allocated funding for park acquisition and efforts continue to secure additional funds.

The downtown revitalization is bringing the vision of Imagine Bothell... to life. Sales of available properties will be bringing a return on investments to Bothell citizens, as well as exciting retail and services. We’ll be opening the doors to our new city hall and civic center this fall, welcoming McMenamins, and so much more.

It’s an exciting time to live and work in Bothell. We continue to be a city focused on improved quality of life with recreational, educational, residential and business opportunities.