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City Council

The Bothell City Council is a seven-member, policy-making body that governs city government. Each council member has equal decision-making powers and City Council meets three times each month (except August). All Bothell City Council positions are four-year terms. Council member positions are non-partisan, part-time positions.

A Mayor and Deputy Mayor are elected by council members every two years. The Mayor serves as the presiding officer and acts as chair at all meetings of the City Council. The Mayor may participate in all deliberations of the Council in the same manner as any other member and is expected to vote in all proceedings, unless a conflict of interest exists. The Mayor does not possess any power of veto. The Mayor may not move an action, but may second a motion.

The Mayor is a Ceremonial Representative and has the responsibility to act as the City Council's ceremonial representative at public events and functions that are assigned to the Mayor. The Mayor is vested with the authority to initiate and execute proclamations and declare a state of emergency if necessary. In the Mayor's absence, the Deputy Mayor assumes this responsibility. Should both the Mayor and Deputy Mayor be absent, the Mayor will appoint another Council Member to assume this responsibility.

Council Corner

Enjoy Summer in Bothell!

by Tom Agnew, Council Member

Summer officially starts in just a few weeks. The weather is warm, kids will be out of school and it’s a great time for vacation. It’s also a chance to enjoy beautiful parks, exciting recreation programs and fun activities available to you right here in Bothell.

Did you know that the City of Bothell has a total of 237.63 acres of parks, open space and trails? That includes 19 parks and three sportsfield complexes. Our parks showcase the Sammamish River, the City’s history and an opportunity to get away from it all. Enjoy the outdoors, play on the play structures or reserve a picnic shelter for a gathering. A comprehensive guide to the City’s parks is available at You can also take an online tour of Bothell’s parks right from the City’s website,

There are plenty of fun things to do through Bothell recreation programs, too. Kids can participate in summer camps, and there are classes for all ages year round ranging from boating to belly dancing, juggling to yoga. Classes are listed right here in the Bothell Bridge and at

The City is breathing new life into the Bothell Parks and Recreation programs through reorganization. Prior to 2015, parks maintenance, park planning and recreation services were divisions within the Public Works Department. With the passing of the 2015-2016 budget last winter, Parks and Recreation is now a separate department with the City of Bothell. Watch for exciting changes to our programs and parks as this renewed focus gets underway.

Best wishes for a spectacular summer. Whether enjoying the parks or recreation programs, or at one of the summer festival events such as the 4th of July parade or Music in the Park, I look forward to seeing you out in the community.