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City Council

The Bothell City Council is a seven-member, policy-making body that governs city government. Each council member has equal decision-making powers and City Council meets three times each month (except August). All Bothell City Council positions are four-year terms. Council member positions are non-partisan, part-time positions.

A Mayor and Deputy Mayor are elected by council members every two years. The Mayor serves as the presiding officer and acts as chair at all meetings of the City Council. The Mayor may participate in all deliberations of the Council in the same manner as any other member and is expected to vote in all proceedings, unless a conflict of interest exists. The Mayor does not possess any power of veto. The Mayor may not move an action, but may second a motion.

The Mayor is a Ceremonial Representative and has the responsibility to act as the City Council's ceremonial representative at public events and functions that are assigned to the Mayor. The Mayor is vested with the authority to initiate and execute proclamations and declare a state of emergency if necessary. In the Mayor's absence, the Deputy Mayor assumes this responsibility. Should both the Mayor and Deputy Mayor be absent, the Mayor will appoint another Council Member to assume this responsibility.

Council Corner

New City Council wants to hear from you 

byAndy Rheaume, Mayor

It is an honor to be the new Mayor of Bothell. I’m proud of my hometown. Mayors from other cities frequently tell me how impressed they are with our ambition and tenacity in our effort to revitalize our City. We have more hard work to do, and the new Council knows that we need to finish what we’ve started in the heart of our City. At the same time, Council is very aware that we need to address other issues throughout our City.

As the new Council finds its footing and settles in I want to encourage you to talk to us. As the meeting chair I’m making changes to our meetings so that everyone feels welcome and safe to freely speak to us, and to ensure that you will receive a response from the City Council if you make a request.

With this last November 2015 election, the City Council has become the most ethnically diverse council in the history of Bothell. The current Council better reflects our community, which is diverse in age, cultures and ethnicity. The diversity of life experiences we now have on the Council will serve the community well.

The City Council also heard from the public, as reflected in the election results, that our community wants to see change from its elected leadership. As the City Council we need to carefully explore what that means to our community as a whole. What I think it means is that our community wants to feel heard, you want to know that your Council is here to serve you, that our actions are transparent, and that as a community we retain or improve our quality of life.

Your involvement and voice is critical as our City moves forward. This is your City and your City Council depends on hearing from you, in person or in writing, when making their decisions about what is best for Bothell.

Change is inevitable, but working together we will continue to shape Bothell’s future in a way that respects our neighborhoods and families, welcomes businesses, protects our environment, and improves our quality of life.