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Bothell Crossroads SR 522 Realignment

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APRIL 2014


Completed Main Street reconstruction work.

  • Completed the Main Street/101st Avenue reconstruction.
  • Installed the traffic signal.
  • Installed the Intelligent Transportation System.
  • Completed the median island work.


  • Testing the traffic signal.
  • Installing the pedestrian signals.
  • Testing the Intelligent Transportation System.
  • Installing the landscaping.
  • Constructing the sidewalks, curbs, and gutters.
  • Installing the permanent signage.

Looking ahead four weeks:


  • Resume major construction activities after temporary suspension.
  • Complete the final paving lift.
  • Complete the construction of sidewalks and extruded curb and gutters.
  • Complete the landscaping.
  • Complete the permanent signage.

Scheduled to begin:

  • Grinding the pavement in preparation of repaving. Expect rough pavement and bumps in grinding area.
  • Raising the manhole lids and water valves to final grade.
  • Applying the final roadway striping.
  • Installing handrails at various locations.
  • Activating the Filterra Catch Basins stormwater cleaning systems.
  • Begin the one year maintenance period to ensure the landscape plantings are successfully established.

Project Description

The Bothell Crossroads project realigns State Route 522 to the south between Hall Rd and 102nd Ave NE. The highway will consist of two travel lanes in each direction, left turn lanes, and sidewalks separated from traffic by tree-lined medians. Connecting streets (NE 180th St, 98th Ave NE, and SR 527) will be extended to reach the new alignment and provide pedestrians additional opportunities to move between downtown and the Park at Bothell Landing.

The existing intersection of SR 522 and SR 527 performs poorly and is expected to degrade further without action. Today, over 44,000 vehicles pass though this intersection daily. This project will improve traffic congestion and increase safety on this critical commute and freight corridor both now and into the future.

The Bothell Crossroads project consists of three construction phases:

Phase I
Phase II
Phase III

Bothell Crossroads Phase III Documents

Bothell Crossroads Archived Documents

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