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Stage 1 - Wayne Curve Improvements 


The first downtown revitalization project is complete!

The Wayne Curve project on SR 522 broke ground in April 2010. Not only does the Wayne Curve project provide an attractive entrance to Bothell, it improves capacity and will help alleviate some of the pressure from increased traffic due to SR 520 tolling. Other work in this section includes installation of center medians and improvements in the Red Brick Road Park area.

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Project Description

The purpose of the project is to relieve congestion on SR 522 at the 96th Avenue NE intersection.  The addition of transit queue lanes in each direction will allow mass transit to by-pass the traffic signals in the westbound direction or have signal priority in the eastbound direction at 96th Ave. NE after King County Metro installs its transit signal priority system.  Other work in this section includes installation of center medians; asphalt and concrete paving, a new gateway sign, and improvements in the Red Brick Road Park area. This project is funded by the City, Sound Transit, Washington State Department of Transportation, the State Transportation Improvement Board (state gas tax), Federal Highway Administration and King County.  The project is also a recipient of the Urban Vitality grant through the State Public Works Board, which administers Washington State taxpayer funds.


The project improves capacity and enhances the west entrance to the City on SR 522 (NE Bothell Way) at the 96th Avenue NE intersection (also known as Wayne Curve). It is the first to launch construction activities for the downtown revitalization effort.

Stage 1 consists of the following key elements:

  • Add exclusive transit by-pass lanes in each direction, and a second westbound to southbound left turn lane on SR 522;
  • Widen and re-align 96th Avenue NE to provide for an additional southbound lane on 96th Avenue NE and a second left turn lane from SR 522;
  • Accommodate a right turn onto 96th Avenue NE with the eastbound transit lane;
  • Improve the traffic signal with provisions for a transit signal priority at SR 522/96th Avenue NE Intersection;
  • Add curbs, gutters, and sidewalk;
  • Improve storm drainage and water quality;
  • Improve utilities, including utility undergrounding;
  • Landscaping and install street lighting;
  • Install concrete retaining walls and urban amenities.

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